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Sunday November 4, 2012  3:10pm (Island time)

We had both exited an 11.5 hours British Airways flight from London to Nassau and traversing the endless corrider towards immigration. (All who know me knows I LOVE to travel and NEVER travel light!!!) I was - as usual- taking advantage of BA's generous carry-on baggage allowance and their blind eye to excess cabin luggage weight. So there I was struggling (an understatement really) with my 4 pieces of baggage; three winterjackets and my winter coat and at least two sweaters I had shed on landing in the tropical oasis when this gentleman with a single 12 x 4 x 4 inch male pouch strolls up to me and asks quite politely - as only an Englishman could - to assist me. Of course I said no - as only a proper island girl would ;) He persisted and asked twice more at which point I gratefully (and quickly accepted less he actually believed me and walked away)  as by now, my shoulders were aching and I was silently screaming in pain and agony and I truly could NOT take another step with all that baggage I had. So we exchanged luggage at this point and I began strolling towards immigration whilst Den (as I now know him) was crawling along and visibly groaning. He handed my stuff to a porter as soon as was possible and I thanked him and we parted; his shoulders still hunched over from the memory of the weight of my luggage I supoose.

Outside in the arrivals area, we again crossed paths and had a most lovely conversation whilst waiting near an hour for each of our rides - who by the way, are always on time - BUT FOR THIS OCCASION!!!! We parted yet again with an exchange of emails this time (much more fun than overweight baggage I bet, eh Den!!! ;) Four hours later, I received an email invitation to dinner the following night and accepted. That dinner lasted 6 hours - and would have been longer except I had duty the next day. We kept in touch and several trips later by each of us back and forth from Nassau to the UK, we are here.......................

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