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James and Hollie met in November of 2006. Mostly talked on the web at first but were introduced through a mutual friend. They had both been through quite a bit in their lives before they met each other. That all changed once they started dating! A little over a year later Hollie became pregnant, and she gave birth to their beautiful baby girl in April of 2008. About a years later, James popped the question on Hollie's birthday! James is thrilled about becoming a step-daddy to Hollie's first child, Xander.. Xander is just as excited and calls him Daddy James! We are so excited to have all of our friends and family join us in our wedding celebration. We couldn't ask for more loving individuals in our lives :)

James and Hollie are exchanging vowels on May 14, 2011 in Elwood, IN (Hollie's hometown) at the Historic Elwood Opera House. This place is gorgeous and has lots of room for everyone to have dinner, mingle and dance their hearts away! It will be a late afternoon/evening ceremony so that they can provide dinner for everyone and have a celebration into the night. We are so excited to have family and friends join us from around the country including California, Oklahoma, Tennessee and a few more!!

The reception will be held at the same venue following the ceremony. This keeps everyone from having to travel to two different areas and enjoy more of their time with everyone.

We would like to thank each and every one of you for your continued love and support throughout our relationship and for being a part in such a special day. You all have played some part in making us the strong individuals that we are. We love and care so much for each and every one of you!!!!

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