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We realize that traveling to the Bahamas is a lot to ask to attend our wedding, but we also see it as a great excuse to give everyone a vacation for themselves! It is such a beautiful resort and has so much to offer, with an amazing setting for our ceremony that you being there to share it with us would mean so much! Escape the winter weather and celebrate the new year with us in the sun!

You may notice as well, according to our dates, our honeymoon starts 2 days before the actual wedding. This is because to be legally married in The Bahamas, we need to be local for at least 2 days prior to the ceremony. We figured this would be a good time for time with friends and family at the resort before the wedding itself. Bachelor/Bachelorette parties in store perhaps? The options are endless!

Our reception will be at the same resort as the ceremony immediately following. This will allow us to just get right into the celebrating when we are pronounced man and wife! There will be plenty of food, drinks, dancing and entertainment for everyone!

The more people that join us, the less it will be for each person for their stay. We get a deal with group rates, so RSVP as soon as you can so we can get you as much of a discount as possible. Let us know if you plan on staying with us at Breezes Bahamas so we can coordinate numbers to factor into the group discount. Breezes Bahamas, where the wedding is being held, is an amazing setting with everything you could ask for in a vacation, but there are also several other places nearby to accommodate your stay the best way we can.

Hotels nearby:

Wyndham Nassau Resort

West Bay Street at Cable Beach

Nassau, Bahamas

(242) 327-6200

Hotel Red Carpet Inn Nassau

East Bay Street - adjacent to the Harbour Bay Shopping Center

Nassau 0, Bahamas

(242) 393-7981

Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort

Nassau, Bahamas

(242) 327-6000

Casuarinas Hotel

Casuarinas Of Cable Beach

Nassau, Bahamas

(242) 327-7921

There are other places to stay nearby as well, these are just to name a few for you to check out.

As far as airfare goes, the Nassau International Airport, NAS, is on the same street as the resort so this helps make your traveling experience even more convenient.

NAS - Nassau International Airport

Nassau International Airport,

Nassau, New Providence


(242) 377-1759

Just a reminder to everyone to get your passports in order before travel as well. We would hate for you to make all your arrangements and be held back for something as simple as this. Hopefully this information is helpful because it would really mean so much to us if you were to make it, and who doesn't want an excuse to take a great vacation in paradise?

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