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Kelsie Ormiston & Tanner Little
Location: Curacao
We met in Dodge at Dane's house, Tanner's brother. I could not take my eyes off of him, I was drawn to his blue eyes. Tanner was drawn to my pink boots.... Yes, that's not a typo, and for everyone that was there knows the entire story. So don't be surprised if I am wearing my pink boots under my wedding dress! A few days later we became Facebook friends and then we started emailing each other. A few weeks later I finally got the nerve to call him. I was very nervous & anxious. Then all was great, we started talking and then he invited me to go to Pratt to a surprise birthday party with him and some friends. I went and the rest is a beautiful, amazing & exciting relationship between us, Tanner and Kelsie.
We are getting married September 25, 2010 in Curacao.
We are flying out of Wichita the 23rd. Tanner and I are staying til October 5th. Our guests will be flying back September 27th. Please check out the website Go to locations and click on Curacao.
We are hoping that all of our family and friends can join us on this wonderful day!
Love, Kelsie and Tanner
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