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Lisa Marie Hernandez & Ruben Vasquez
Location: San Diego, California-Bahia Resort
Ever since our first date we hit it off!
We both love to spend time with friends and family, as well enjoying
a good meal and listening to music. As many of you know we met at Best Buy
when I was buying a stove- Thanks Dia. Ruben is one of the kindest, patient, supportive and
generous people I know. He can tell by the tone in my voice if something is not quite right, and is always willing to listen. He is such a romantic- He remembers every holiday and always buys me flowers with a sweet card. I feel so lucky to have him to look forward to each day and to help me get through those tough days. We both are so excited to finally being able to marry each other!
We are extremely grateful to your contributions
towards what we know will be a fabulous
Honeymoon! Gracias!
Lisa and Ruben
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