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Keri Ann Swantek & Chris Ingram

Our Story

We are both ballroom dance instructors and met at the dance studio. After about a month of working together we decided to try dancing together and becoming permanent dance partners. Little did we know we would become partners for life!

After work on July 21, 2009 we were engaged! It came as a total surprise in the midst of a typical conversation complete with the "on the knee, open ring box" popping of the question. After a lot of cries of excitement and surprise, tears of joy (from us both), and very long tight hugs we called our families to share the exciting news.

After the wedding in October in Jamaica, we'll begin our lives together. We'll start by continuing to dance to reach our goal of winning a championship, then we'll move on to bigger goals like buying a house, starting a studio and one day starting a family of our own.

Our Wedding

We've chosen a chapel on the beach for the ceremony. We've decided to keep the wedding very small and intimate. After all, this day is for the two of us to declare our love to each other and committ the rest our lives to one another. We've invited only our parents, the most important people in our lives, to be there to share in this special day with us.

Our Reception

There will be a very small reception following our ceremony which will include a toast and cake, and more than likely a first dance... after all, we are dancers...

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