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Callie Neumann & Michael Katz

The day after we got engaged!
Vegas Baby!

Our Story

It was October of 2007 when I received an email on Myspace with the subject line of "Why be single?" At first I thought it was spam as Mike stated in his initial email that I would assume it was, but he started the conversation off. We talked for a month over email and phone and finally had our first date the day after Thanksgiving (Nov 23rd). I was so nervous and so excited that I spent more on one outfit than I did on groceries that month! But it was worth it! From that day forward we have been inseparable and he has made me the happiest I never thought I could be!

That following August we happened to be at the mall and just stopped in to look at rings...there it was...the perfect ring! But I told him, I'd rather have a house first than a ring. Aug 31, 2008 we arrived with our best friends Dave & Suzie in Vegas for a week of fun. Before we got on the plane we talked about the ring and buying a house...of course I said the girl in me really wants the ring, but that a house first would be the most logical. We checked into our condo, settled in and hung out for a bit. As we mixed our first vacation cocktails in the kitchen, we all agreed how awesome it is to be in Vegas for a week and it just couldn't get any better than this! Then Mike said he could only think of one thing that could make it he turned to me and got down on one knee…he said, "The only way it could get any better is if you would do the honor of being my wife!" Both of us emotional, me completely freaking out...and he put THE RING on my finger! We called our parents, me frantically trying to get the words out before balling my eyes out! Everyone was excited and the little stinker went out the day after we saw the ring and bought it...he had it in his pocket the whole way to Vegas. Suzie had to smuggle the ring through security and had it on her finger as we were eating and I was right across from her! Now we are 2 months from the day and cannot wait to begin the new chapter of our lives together!

We are excited to share the day with you all and look forward to seeing you at the wedding! If you are unable to attend, we know you will be with us in spirit!

Thank you so much!
Callie & Mike

Our Wedding

Our wedding is on Saturday, Sept 26, 2009 at Funks Grove Chapel in the Trees south of Bloomington.

Our Reception

Our reception is immediately following at the Knights of Columbus in Bloomington. We look forward to celebrating with you all!

Travel Arrangements

Bloomington Regional Airport is centrally located for travel into Bloomington, IL. (Airport code: BMI)

I have negotiated hotel prices at two hotels (Neumann/Katz Wedding)

Country Inn & Suites by the Airport (Approx 5 mi from the reception)
Standard Rooms (2 Queen Beds) are $87 each
Rooms held till Aug 26th

Double Tree Hotel (Closest to the reception; Approx 2mi)
Standard Rooms (2 Double Beds) are $99 each
Rooms held till Sept 4th

Both hotels offer airport shuttle service and I am working on (hopefully) having shuttle service too/from reception sites.

A Special Message From Us

We are very excited to have you share our day with us and look forward to seeing you! Thank you for your support, belief, and love for us on our special day!

Callie & Mike

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