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Jenna Nesbitt & Justin Allison

Our Story

The proposal may not have been romantic but something we will never forget! We came home after a long day of hunting and i was in the kitchen and Justin in the bedroom and he called me back there because there was something that i had to see and i kept saying i will later but he insisted. So i walked back and he was there down on one knee with the ring and asked me to marry him....and yes i ran away crying because i was shocked and hid in the laundry room haha but i eventually said yes!

Our Wedding

Our wedding is Sept 12, 2009 at 2:00 at St. Mikes Church in DuBois. It is going to be a short ceremony but one to remember!

Our Reception

The reception is going to follow the ceremony at the Bellamauro in Reynoldsville/fallscreek road. It is going to consist of food, good times, and of course drinks:) Attire for the wedding and reception is formal.

Travel Arrangements

For those of you that are traveling we are going to have some hotel's available as close to the reception as possible for you to purchase if you dont wish to drive home that night.

A Special Message From Us

I just want to thank everyone for all they have done for the wedding so far and everyone that is going to share our special day with us!

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