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Steve & Rachel met five years ago at a Halloween party. Since that night of laughter and fun the two have been best friends and invite you to keep in touch with their wedding plans.

Rachel thoughts on Steve:

Steve is my rock no matter what life tosses our way he keeps me strong and focused. I love spending my days with him, and can't wait to make this darn thing official. Anyone who knows Steve has laughed until they cried or couldn't walk because their gut hurt from laughing. His humor makes me laugh every day, and keeps life interesting. He is a kind soul that always believes the best in people even when I don't see it myself. Steve will be an amazing husband, and I am a very lucky gal!

We are off work the first two weeks in August and are going to the Bahama's for our wedding and honeymoon. We wish we could take you all with us! You can keep tabs on whats going on with our wedding online.

When we return we will be getting together as a group to share photos and laughter. Once we get a date and time we will update the website! :)

Thanks for checking out our website. We are happy you are a part of our lives! God Bless!

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