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With a mutual Mexican friend of ours Tiffany walked into an Italian restaurant where Nicholas was eating with his deployment crew. With Tiffany smiling extending hand saying "Hi", Nicholas said "Nice to meet you!" leaned in and hugged...the hand shake just wouldn't do. From then on it was magic: 1. Two guys jumping in the trunk of Tiffanys car and her hitting speed bumps while the three stooges in the backseat were saying go faster! 2. Nicholas telling stories of the recent past and Tiffany laughing so hard at our mild retardation. 3. Hula dance...nuff said! 4. Nicholas pretending to lose phone asking Tiffany to call his number to find phone! Impressed and shocked the lady. 5. That First kiss where fireworks could be seen for hours after! Finally the rest of the night where there was no sleep by anyone...dancing, laughing, partying!

It took us a while to decide how to get married. Oregon and New York are a ways apart, and travel is expensive. So we decided to have a get away/dream wedding and get married on a beautiful sandy beach. So we are Jamaica bound. We will be married on August 8, 2012 in the morning.


We wish that our families could be with us on this day, to share the moment and enjoy our happiness with us. You will all be missed. We thank you for all the support and best wishes. We love you all and can not wait to celebrate our marriage and new family with all of our family and friends. And don't worry...we will have a drink on the beach for ALL of you!!

With Love

Tiffany & Nicholas


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