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Dwight and I have been together for almost 12 years, It's funny how we meet in 12 grade, been together for 12 years, and will be married forever starting the year twenty twelve!!! We are deeply in love with each other and will Love for everyone to chip in some way some how to help us fulfill our honeymoon that we will cherish forever in our hearts and mind.


I can honestly say, that I have never felt LOVE this way and I know that the feelings are mutual!


Although we both are alike attitude wise. Here's a list of fun things we both like to do, Tell e if you know which one of us "fit the description"


~Love to shop

~Play video Games

~Would love to breed dogs

~Love to dress

~Loves Remy

~Love Ice Tea


Thats was fun, I can just hear yall now!!!!!

To Dwight: You are my best friend, My soul mate, My man, a father, and soon to be Husband! Although, we both been through our own diffrences, no matter what we will never let the devil win!!! You are the definition of a GOOD MAN, and u complete me. I can't wait til the day you give me  your last name...I will wear it with honors because I know that I was the " lucky one" to be blesses with a man like you,



To Tiffany: Hey boo....You are so beautigul to me. I love you, I need you, you are my everything, you are the air that I breath, you are the nourishment in my soul, you are my spiritual and lifetime partner, and I will Love you forever, and ever, and ever...And I can't wait til you say I do, and you are officially "Mrs. Prophet", No Murphy (/) slash shit! I Love you




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