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Welcome to our wedding and honeymoon web site! 

Our Story

As you know and many of you were there with us, 15 years ago we were married in the worst rain storm in Maine's history.  We had just graduated from USM and Jeremy had been accepted to a number of graduate schools but we visited and fell in love with Boulder, Colorado.  One month after our wedding, we moved to Colorado with just our wedding gifts and some clothes.  We lived in Colorado for 8 years and Jeremy earned his PhD and we welcomed our first born, Ainsley. And four years later, we welcomed Maddy.

From Colorado, we moved to Arizona for a job opportunity that Jeremy was offered.  This time we filled an 18 wheeler for the move.  It was a big change but it grew on us.  We enjoyed visiting the Grand Canyon and Sedona and our own little piece of heaven, Sonora Mexico which was just a short 4 hour drive. We also welcomed Jack in Arizona!

Again, 3 years later, we relocated to Florida for another job opportunity and seemed like a great opportunity to get closer to home.  This was another big change for us from the desert of Arizona and the mountains of Colorado to the humidity and beaches of Florida.  But we managed. :)  We enjoyed the beaches and made many trips to Disney and made more great friends.  We also welcomed Anderson to the family!

Lastly, we decided it was time to move back home to be near family.  Jeremy was offered a job in New Hampshire and everything fell into place and we made the decision to move and were in our home in Merrimack, NH in just 8 days.  This time, we over-filled the 18 wheeler and I had to pull quite a bit of furniture off the truck. 

We have settled nicely into Merrimack.  The kids are involved in dance, karate and soccer which keep me pretty busy.  Jeremy and I began kickboxing about 6 months ago and Jeremy also trains in jiu jitsu.  I am still working on my PhD and will finish eventually.  The moves and the 4 kids have delayed it a bit but I am still plugging away.  We think Merrimack may be a good spot for our next business venture too! 

So, that is what has been going on with us in the last 15 years.  This year is not only our 15th wedding anniversary but also Jeremy’s 40th birthday.  I wanted to do something big and since we have never left the kids alone in over 12 years, I figured we deserved a few days off. 

We will be renewing our vows on Monday, December 9th at 10am on the beach, just the two of us in Nassau, Bahamas at the Breezes Resort.

We are doing things somewhat backward because the hotel requires that you are on the grounds for 48 hours prior to your wedding.  So we will be having the wedding and leaving for home, on the same day.  This is totally ok since we did not have a honeymoon the first time we got married! 

December 12th will be Jeremy’s birthday.  I have been racking my brain all year about what to do.  We also talked about finally renewing our vows but didn’t know how or when.  So, I thought this trip could accomplish all of these things at once!  As of now, it is a surprise to Jeremy.  He has no idea I have booked any of this.  He may become suspicious though when I tell him he needs to get a VISA.  But for now, please keep it a secret!  J

As I have been planning this trip and mentioning it to friends and family, they have asked if we were having a reception or a birthday party so they could give a gift.  As of now, we are not.  But we have chosen a few things on this registry if you would like to send something.  Thank you!

Our Love,

Jeremy and Becky

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