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Well, where do I start??

Most of you know all there is to know about me, so I am going to give you the skinny on me and My Tonya.

I knew of Tonya back in school because she was the class of 92 and I was 93. My whole goal in high school was to be invisible and be there as little as possible. So I wasn't well known, but I knew of Tonya. There was this unattainable short, cute, crazy haired drill team member. I have always had a thing for the shorter girls. She would have never even given me  a second glance during school prob because I wasn't one of the popular guys.

In January 2009 I sent her a message on Facebook and asked if she could take some pics of the kids. She said she would love to and I replied back that I would pay her and take her out for diner to. I emailed her in Jan, Feb, Mar and then June to no avail and no reply.  I go to Iraq in Jan 2010 and when I returned from Iraq got a "Welcome back"  And as I got bowled over by some local women I had decided to become the ultimate bachelor!!! So when I posted a pic of my sorority....the "He man woman haters club" it stirred a conversation via email for a few days between us battling it out of man vs woman, and how each other hated the other species!

So we agreed to meet but it took us over a month to get together for the first time! We agreed on a game of pool to hash it out over man vs woman.  So on the 14th of October it came to be the first meeting and setting the stage of me falling head over heels for Tonya Davis.  We met and talked and everything came so comfortable. With that first meeting we agreed to go Ziplining. The next couple of days we met and had fun together. We went and played some disc golf and fed the ducks at UT Tyler. Just being around her I felt so at home.

I realized that she was definitely my kind of adventure, fun, and hanging out type of girl.  We went to New York Texas and had a blast on the zip lines.  From that trip we decided to go on a cruise, something I had been wanting to do for a long time.  So from playing pool with me, going out and doing something fun like ziplines, then a cruise, I could tell me and her had ALOT in common already.

The cruise was upon us.  We stayed in Galveston the night before as she got a room in the hotel I wanted to stay since I was a kid. The San Louis Resort.  So I came back with a horse carriage ride, something she had been wanting to do for a long time. We toured old Galveston and just enjoyed being in each others arms.

After the cruise it has been a string of finding commonalities that made us scratch our head. It has been mind blowing that we have so much in common. It makes me know that we were meant to be together. All of this  with Tonya came in a time where I was doubting where I was suppose to be or who I was suppose to be with. It has been a wirlwind of fun times, slow times of just sitting and talking, and exploring times with Tonya that I would take nothing for.

I vow myself to her and her kids. She is truly a remarkable woman who has been beat up by this life and I am here to show her how much she means to me and how I will strive to make her life the best that I can give her!

The cruise was a blast. After hanging out in Galveston I realized I couldn't fight this feeling that I was falling in love with this girl. I had tried but she was the most sincere woman I have ever met. We had alot of people saying we were going to be married when we got back from the cruise. So while we were in Cozumel I bought her a ring and as we walked down the street, slipped it on her hand and said, "there, we are engaged now!" The purpose was to wear the ring back and trick our friends into thinking we were married.  But as we leaned on the banister of the ship as we pulled away from Cozumel as the sun set, i asked her if she loved me and she said yes. I told here I really liked her and that I really liked her and that I thought I loved her. So there I confessed that I loved her and I wanted to be with her forever.

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