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Alisha Spears and Vance Smedley's Honeymoon Registry

Alisha Spears and Vance Smedley's Honeymoon Registry

Breezes Bahamas

We are so excited about our upcoming wedding/honeymoon and feel blessed that so many of you wish to be a part of our day! We decided to create this instead of a traditional registry since we already have plenty of "stuff." Please do not feel obligated to give us anything!! We created this list for our many friends and family who wanted to be a part of our day in some way:-)


Catamaran Cruise (Seahorse)

On this exciting Catamaran Cruise we will sail on the beautiful crystal clear water, kick off our shoes, layback and view the spectacular scenery while enjoying some sweet Caribbean music!

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Souvenirs From Our Honeymoon

We will browse the boutique and experience the Bahamas as we pick up a few local handicrafts and souvenirs as mementoes from our tropical honeymoon!

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Unique Ideas

Fruit Basket

With your lovely wedding gift, we will savor an exotic medley of fresh local fruit while overlooking the pristine beach on our balcony!

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With your honeymoon gift, my nails will be primed to look their best to show off my new beautiful wedding ring. Thank you!

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With your thoughtful wedding gift, I will sit back, relax and enjoy a soothing and nourishing treatment that will beautify and pamper my feet. The Spa Pedicure is a pure delight for both my soles and soul!

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Red Wine

We will take delight in a fine bottle of red wine, enhancing our romantic honeymoon evening out

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Swedish Massage

Based on classic European techniques, this full body massage will help soothe me, giving me a feeling of well being, relaxation and will get my body in the mood for our romantic honeymoon!

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Bridal Hair and Makeup Session

With your gift the bride will be pampered before the big ceremony, helping her look and feel her best.

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Flower Bouquet

With your gift we will enjoy a upgraded flowers for our wedding ceremony.

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Photography For Our Wedding

Help us remember this moment forever by contributing to the photography package for our wedding.

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"Well Wishes" From Our Family & Friends

“Wishing you the best today and always!! Have a wonderful wedding and honeymoon :-)”
- Ryan
“Congratulations! Best wishes to both of you!”
- Ted and Christie Williams
“Love you! Hope you have a wonderful day!”
- Love, Mom
“You had me at Merlot. I hope this adds to your fantastic adventures as newlyweds! And this is the first bottle of wine I've ever bought... Have fun!”
- Mike Myers
“We are so happy for you!!! We are excited to take part in your special day by sending sister Mary Kay over to do your hair &make-up : ) We love you!”
- Sister Hubert &Sister Leo
“Congratulations and blessings to you two! We are so happy for you!”
- The Scowden Family
“We are so happy for you both. Praying you have a great wedding trip.”
- Donnie, Twila, Micaela and JD
“Congratulations you two! We couldn't be happier for you, and we look forward to our future adventures together!”
- Dwight and Beau
“We are so happy for you and wish you a lifetime of love.”
- Chuck and Kathy
“Congratulations!! We're happy for both of you! Much love, The Carrolls”
- Heather, Austin, Sarah and Kye
“Best wishes for a lifetime of happiness. Enjoy. We love you.”
- Aunt Ann &Uncle JL
“Wishing you all a lifetime of happiness! May your marriage be blessed with much love and joy!”
- Audra, Scott, Eva, and Sophia Shalles
“Congratulations!!!!! Enjoy your stress free wedding!!!!”
- The Scott Clarks
Thank You for visiting our honeymoon bridal registry and wedding website. We decided to use this honeymoon bridal registry to allow us to pre-plan all the wonderful things we want to do on our dream honeymoon. If you have any questions about how our honeymoon bridal registry works, please contact a honeymoon registry specialist at 800-801-3493 and they can help with our wedding registry list. Again, Thank You so much for using our honeymoon bridal registry and wedding website. Most of all, thank you for being part of our wedding and helping us have the romantic honeymoon and wedding we've always imagined.
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