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Jessie Day and Cory Wagner's Honeymoon Registry

Breezes Bahamas

Thank you for visiting our SuperClubs Honeymoon Registry. We are so excited to take the honeymoon of our dreams and create memories that will last forever.


Power Boat Adventure

We are looking forward to this honeymoon tour seeing the "real" Bahamas on this exhilarating speedboat excursion to a private island. Snorkeling in pristine reefs, feeding stingrays and sharks, visiting with endangered iguana's, exploring the island or maybe we'll just relax on the white sandy beach. It’s up to us, the newlyweds!

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Romantic Honeymoon Sail On The Caribbean Sea (Barefoot Sailing)

What could be more romantic and relaxing than sailing through the shimmering turquoise Caribbean waters on an elegant yacht? We will enjoy the beautiful exotic landscape together on our romantic honeymoon sail! We can’t wait!

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Scuba Reef Adventure (BAHAMA DIVERS)

There's a first time for everything! We don’t need prior experience to scuba dive and explore the colorful and very shallow reefs of Nassau as long as it's under the supervision of a professional scuba instructor!

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Upgrade To Oceanfront Deluxe Room

With your thoughtful wedding gift, we will sit back, relax and indulge in our Oceanfront Deluxe Room surroundings. Boasting cool island beach tones enhancing the rich fabrics, lavish furniture, amazing ocean views and access to the beach through sliding glass doors!

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Unique Ideas

All Inclusive Trip Contribution

Breezes Bahamas, our intimate and exotic honeymoon destination, seated majestically on a quiet stretch of beach in Nassau with crystal clear waters, soft silver sands, lush and brilliantly tropical landscape and unparalleled hospitality of the resort’s staff. This Super All Inclusive resort offers us luxurious accommodations with panoramic ocean and garden views, All Inclusive activities, exquisite cuisine, vibrant nightlife, indulgent tropical concoctions, sweetly scented exotic floral gardens and an invigorating spa facility. Your thoughtful contribution will be greatly appreciated as we toast to us on our private terrace watching the beautiful sunset before the moon takes center stage and the mood switches to party mode. Here at Breezes Bahamas all our worries will simply drift away with the tide!

registry_cart_item_1678043 All Inclusive Trip Contribution

Champagne Korbell

We will toast to a perfect, romantic honeymoon and our new life together as man and wife while we uncork the effervescence of a bottle of bubbly champagne!

registry_cart_item_1678042 Champagne Korbell

Hot Stone Massage

We will be pampered on our honeymoon with the Hot Stone Massage that involves the application of heated volcanic stones drenched in oil. The heat penetrates our muscles helping to release tension, inducing a feeling of well-being and harmony giving us the deepest level of relaxation!

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Red Wine

We will take delight in a fine bottle of red wine, enhancing our romantic honeymoon evening out

registry_cart_item_1678045 Red Wine

Swedish Massage

Based on classic European techniques, this full body massage will help soothe me, giving me a feeling of well being, relaxation and will get my body in the mood for our romantic honeymoon!

registry_cart_item_1678049 Swedish Massage

"Well Wishes" From Our Family & Friends

“Have fun, and a great future!”
- With love, Uncle Bob and Cousin Carly
“May your honeymoon be the beginning of a wonderful life together. Take lots of pictures!”
- Dave &Chris Galbreath
“Wishing you a life time of happiness and love. Love you both”
- Doug,Jeanie,Maddie and Lexie
“Congratulations! Have a wonderful honeymoon... Enjoy!!”
- Brian and Kathie Tipton
“Sorry we can't be there for your special day. We hope to meet Jessie very soon.”
- Shelle, Stacey, Julie &Colby Stuck
“Sorry we can't make it to the wedding, but at least we can be a part of the honeymoon! Enjoy your time together. Love you much.”
- Andi and Brier
“Happy honeymooning! We can't wait to meet Jessie, hopefully soon. Sorry we can't make it on your big day. Love,”
- Uncle Butch and Aunt Gayle
“Congratulations to both of you. Sorry we have to miss your special day but know that we love you and hope to see you soon. Have a wonderful life. Love ya,”
- Uncle Tom &Aunt Gwyn
“may your life be special love you mom mom carol”
- carol gary kyle
Thank You for visiting our honeymoon bridal registry and wedding website. We decided to use this honeymoon bridal registry to allow us to pre-plan all the wonderful things we want to do on our dream honeymoon. If you have any questions about how our honeymoon bridal registry works, please contact a honeymoon registry specialist at 800-801-3493 and they can help with our wedding registry list. Again, Thank You so much for using our honeymoon bridal registry and wedding website. Most of all, thank you for being part of our wedding and helping us have the romantic honeymoon and wedding we've always imagined.
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