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Do you know what it is like to find the place where you belong? We do.

Do you know what it's  like to find all your quirks are perfect? We do.

Do you know what it's like to know that no matter what someone will always be there to catch you whan you fall, love you when you are unloveable, wipe the tears from your eyes, hold you up when you are slouching, guide you back to truth when you are misdirected, stay up with you all night, sleep with you all day, wait patiently, for months at a time for a brief moment to be together, praise you, love you, help you, take care of you, Hope with you, dream with you, Play with you, work with you, honor you, respect you? WE DO!

Shane and Gayle

We are celebrating our love and companionship, On December 6, 2012, in the beautiful country of Jamaica, on the coast of Negril. We hope to have a fun adventure as we begin our lives together as Husband and Wife.

We are planning on having a Wedding Reception in the Spring of 2013. Plans to be determined. We hope to see you there.

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