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As most of you know our engagement was much anticipated, but not nearly as much as our wedding day. We are more than eager to tie the knot and have the peace of knowing we we will have each other to lean on and love for the rest of our lives. Our wedding day is June 29th and it is going to be an amazingly special day for the two of us and our families. We cannot wait to share our day with all of you.
Branden and I began our life long commitments to each other on June 14, 2009 after a fun day of four wheeling with some friends (including one friend Branden will always hold close to his heart). We quickly realized how special our relationship was and that this was something we could never live without. We have true love that could never be replicated. We are the proud parents of one cat and two dogs. Once we have been married for a while we are excited to hopefully add some real children to our family. We have been through some tough times from loved ones lost to a diagnosis of a life long disease but we have made it and will continue to make it through with the support of each other. We having some amazing friends and family that we have always been able to count on, without them we would not be who we are today.
We are excited to start our life together on a vacation to a fun, new, beautiful place to us, THE BAHAMAS!!! There are so many things to do and see we're positive this will be a honeymoon we will never forget. We promise to bring back a TON of pictures and stories. As most of you know we already have a home, so we would love for you all to help us make this honeymoon oh so memorable by checking out our honeymoon gift registry!
We want to thank all of you because you all have played roles in our lives. If your looking at this we're sure you have impacted our lives in some way whether it be big or small. We have been so blessed to have so many of you to make us laugh, cry, grow, learn, love, make mistakes with, and shape us into who we have become. We hope that each of you will join us on our day because you are important parts of who we are. May God bless you all! We love you!

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