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Hello Friends and Family!

Thank you for visiting our wedding-moon registry. Our dream wedding-moon is in the tropical paradise of the Bahamas! We created this site so that you can be intimately involved in all of the joys that come with planning a memorable wedding-moon.

We thought that some of you might enjoy giving a non-traditional wedding gift, and this seemed like the perfect way to do it. Just click the "Our Registry" button at the top  to begin. Thanks so much for giving us the gift of memories to last a lifetime...we can't think of anything better than spending time together!  

We’re so happy to have you as part of this moment and look forward to sharing these memories with each of you.

With love,

Bridget & Alex


Alex & Bridget met at Lyon in the fall of 2007. He was a senior, she a sophomore. They befriended each other, but quickly realized there was more to their friendship. On September 25, 2007, Alex officially asked Bridget to be his girlfriend. Really, the rest is history that most of you have been around to witness! 

Engagement story: We were supposed to go to the National Zoo and monuments March 25. But as it turned out, it RAINED all day. So we were super lazy until dinner. He took me to Memphis BBQ in Crystal City, and then we veged at home for a bit. Around 10:30, we decided to go ahead and try the moonlit monuments. Jefferson was first. We had Ronnie with us, so of course the National Parks guy told us that he wasn’t allowed. So we were walking back down the steps. It was sprinkling a bit and Alex was like “well maybe we should just go on home…” And I was like “well we can just leave Ronnie in the car for the few minutes we’ll be at Lincoln!” And of course proceeded to take out my iPhone and look at the weather app. Alex moved my iPhone out of the way and grabbed my hand. On the bottom steps of the Jefferson Memorial he said "Bridget, I love you. You're the most important thing in the world to me so...*drops to knee* will you marry me?" And of course I said yes! I jumped up and down and giggled and kind of choked up, but didn’t bawl like I thought I would. YAY!


Lauren Lawson (MOH)

Jessie Hurt

Rachel Brown Homard

Brittany Nutt

Jennifer McGinnis (honorary)

Katee Castelman (honorary)


Drew Dunham (Best Man)

Brandon Harris (Best Man)

Ryan Young

Jonathan Pyle

Zachary Gairhan

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